XL Spotify promotion


In September 2022 we celebrate our 2 years of iBOOSTU, with our new version: v2. v2 will have more reliable streams, higher quality and faster delivery.
You do not have to do anything. All new orders will be v2 automatically.

How it works:
FIrst you select the amount of plays you want for your song or album, and when checking out you have to put your Spotify URL. If you use Apple Pay or Chrome Pay you have to send us a separate e-mail with your URL, because this is a ‘Quick pay’ method where you will skip the ‘cart’ page.

You have selected a Spotify promotion package.
Order will start as soon as possible after payment. You will see the (first) results within a week.
Payment options are:

  • Credit Card (International)
  • iDEAL (The Netherlands)
  • Crypto (write us an e-mail)


XL package contains:

  1. Big promotion plan
  2. Aim: minimum of 50.000 Plays
  3. Monthly listeners
    * plays number can always differ a bit

If you wanna go big